Emergency Visit

Emergency Visits to Legendary Smiles

41If a dental emergency surprises you or one of your family members, you’ll be prepared. You can call us at Legendary Smiles during any kind of dental emergency.

No one expects or wants to experience a dental emergency, but they happen all of the time. Contact sports, dental decay, or physical accidents could all cause an urgent dental problem. Call us when a dental emergency arises. We will help you through it!

Here are some ways you can cope with common dental emergencies when they occur.

Painful Sensitivity | Are you experiencing unbearably sensitive teeth? Sensitivity could be caused by tooth infection or recent dental work. Call us right away so that we can provide you with the exam and services you need.

Broken or Chipped Tooth | Try to save all of pieces of the tooth that you can find. Rinse them and save them in liquid until you can bring them to us. Call Legendary Smiles so that we can start working on saving your natural smile.

Knocked Out Tooth | Locate the tooth, rinse it carefully, and save it. If the tooth will sit in its socket in your mouth, keep it there. If not, keep it in a container filled with milk. Call us immediately or visit the hospital.

Object Stuck Between Teeth | First, attempt to floss the food or object out of your teeth. If floss doesn’t do the trick, give us a call. Don’t try to remove the object with a sharp or dangerous tool.

Toothache | Call us so that we can determine what your tooth pain might mean. You may or may not need urgent care. To manage your pain, rinse your mouth with warm water or take an over-the-counter pain reliever.

Loose Tooth | If one of your permanent teeth seems to be loose, call us at our office right away. We will help you determine what the next step is.

Who can you trust when an emergency comes up? We’re here for you at Legendary Smiles! To find out more about our practice or to schedule an appointment, call us today!