Dental Crowns & Bridges

34A dental crown completely covers a damaged tooth. A dental crown restructures the tooth for increased function and appearance. Best of all, our high quality ceramic crowns are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Dental bridges are used to replace missing teeth. If you have a tooth that is weak or damaged, or a tooth that is already missing, you may want to consider a dental bridge. Dental bridges are replacement teeth that are held in place by two dental crowns. Bridges will restore the function of your smile and revitalize its appearance.

Crowning a Tooth

Dental crown placement usually requires just two visits to Legendary Smiles. During your first visit, Dr. Bulzomi will examine and prepare your teeth. He will take impressions and send them to a nearby lab.

During your brief wait for your permanent crown, you can wear a temporary crown on the affected tooth. When the lab has completed your custom-made crown, you will return for its placement. Dr. Bulzomi will check the fit and then permanently bond the crown to the tooth.

Placing a Bridge

For a bridge, your mouth will be prepared for three dental crowns: one on each side of the gap, and one to fill the gap! Your impressions will be used to fashion the perfect dental bridge for you. When you return, Dr. Bulzomi will complete your smile with a lifelike dental bridge.

Caring for your Crown or Bridge

Crowns and bridges do not require special products or practices. Carefully floss and brush your restorations along with your natural teeth. Keep up with your regular appointments for cleanings and exams at Legendary Smiles. Each time you visit, Dr. Bulzomi will check up on your dental crowns or bridgework so that they will last as long as possible.

Come protect and rebuild your smile with dental crowns and bridges. Call us at Legendary Smiles to schedule your first crown or bridge appointment today.