Sedation Dentistry

54Dental anxiety is a stressful condition. Patients with dental anxiety struggle to maintain great oral health. They miss out on the health benefits of regular dental appointments and procedures. These patients may be suffering from gum disease or dental decay.

If you have dental anxiety, you should not have to live with tooth pain or bad breath! You should have the opportunity to transform your smile into one you can be proud to share.

Do you feel worried when you hear or think about the dentist’s office? Come talk with Dr. Bulzomi about sedation dentistry. We offer relieving sedation options at Legendary Smiles. With sedation, any procedure you need will be simple and worry-free!

Conscious Sedation Dentistry

At our practice, we provide conscious sedation options rather than IV or sleep sedation. Our procedures are highly successful when our patients are awake but calm.

When a patient is consciously sedated, they can respond to Dr. Bulzomi’s questions and directions. A patient can even ask questions of their own. They will remain fairly aware of what is going on so that they are still in control of their procedure.

However, the patient will be in a totally relaxed state. They will not feel nervous during their appointment and they will not remember all of the details of their visit.

2Conscious sedation dentistry options include:

Nitrous Oxide | Nitrous oxide is a harmless gas that you breathe in and out of a mask. When you come in for your procedure, your caring team will place the mask over your nose. The nitrous oxide will ease your mind and help you feel calm and content throughout your procedure.

Oral Conscious Sedation | Oral conscious sedation requires taking a pill shortly before your appointment. Dr. Bulzomi can prescribe the right medication and dosage for you. After you take the sedative, you will feel peaceful and anxiety-free.

Our sedation dentistry methods have worked for countless patients. You, too, can conquer your anxiety! Call us today at Legendary Smiles to set up a simple consultation!