stock-2Worry-Free Extractions

You might feel anxious about your tooth extraction. Many patients believe that an extraction has to be a laborious and uncomfortable experience. That’s not the case here at Legendary Smiles! With our friendly faces, relaxing amenities, and sedation dentistry options, you can feel amazing throughout the entire extraction process.

If your tooth is severely damaged, ask your dentist about tooth extraction. Removal and replacement can be the healthiest way to treat a heavily damaged tooth.

Be Aware of the Symptoms

Here are few of the symptoms that suggest you might need a tooth extraction:

  • Pain in the tooth or jaw
  • Swelling in the affected area
  • Heightened tooth sensitivity
  • Crumbling or loose teeth

See your dentist to find out how you can quickly cure your smile.

10The Extraction Procedure

  1. Dr. Bulzomi will administer an exam, including x-rays, to the patient. He will ask you about existing health conditions and medical history.
  2. If your results look good, you can discuss your procedure plan with your dentist. You might choose nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation to accompany your numbing anesthetic.
  3. When you come in for your procedure, our team will make sure you are content with your patient comforts and sedation choices. When you are relaxed and ready, Dr. Bulzomi will remove the tooth.
  4. If the tooth is visible, your dentist will remove it with a simple pull. If the tooth is below the gumline, it will be removed piece by piece through a small opening in the gums.
  5. After your extraction, take care of yourself. You can consume soft foods and liquids during this time. Use cold compresses to reduce pain and swelling. Your smile is now safer and healthier than it was before.

Is your smile in need? Schedule an appointment at Legendary Smiles to find out. Dr. Bulzomi will make sure your extraction experience is tolerable and rewarding. If you are suffering from an impacted third molar, we will recommend you to an reliable oral surgeon.